A reinterpretation or remake of Doom's original E2M3, heavily inspired by KDiZD. The whole map has been enlarged, restructured, new areas have been added, old ones enhanced and the whole thing has been turned into something more real and creepy. Expect something totally different in a place that you already know to a very good extend. By the way, playing it twice in a row reveals a surprise.
  The RefineryThe RefineryThe RefineryThe Refinery


Game: Doom
Port: GZDoom (v1.6+)
Map: Z2M3
Type: Single Player, Coop compatible
Date Finished: August 31st, 2012
Reviews: [ 1 | 2 ]  

archive The Refinery (26,94MB)

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Ultimate Torment & Torture
Ultimate Torment & Torture


Sapphire By Tormentor667
Sapphire By Tormentor667

Did you know...?

...that KDiZD's Z1M5 bears a secret where you can find and kill Torm's head on a pile?