Stronghold - On the Edge of Chaos


You know Doom, it is always the same, get some weapons, infiltrate the destroyed UAC base or demon hive, kill all the monsters and hellspawn and find the exit switch. This was Doom... until now: Stronghold is a mixture of Unreal Tournament's Assault mode and Skulltag's Invasion mode. Defend your Stronghold against hundreds of monsters, divided into several waves. Earn points, get rewards between waves and let no single enemy pass!

So, what can you actually expect from a PK3 that's over 150MB?

  • 35 new maps all from scratch (+4 secret maps)
  • 18 powerful weapons (some totally new ones)
  • 20 different powerups to play with
  • 30 additional new monsters (some totally new ones)
  • 5 different gamemodes (e.g. Deadline, Core, ...)
  • 1 complete new HUD (add. info on screen)
  • unique voice acting & announcers
  • full soundtrack with exclusive songs by Lexus Alyus
  • 32bit skyboxes, fog, lights and environment
  • dynamic lights for actors and in maps
  • cinematic sequences for gamemodes and endings
  • special effects, atmospheric and beautifl
  • full multiplayer for Skulltag, up to 8 players
  • bounty, earn credits for killed demons
  • dynamic skill for all skill settings and player counts
  • hub system with several tiers to battle through
  • shop system with countless items to buy
...and many many more things for you to discover in this huge and complex project. Don't stop playing, there is even more you haven't seen!
StrongholdStrongholdStrongholdStronghold           Mordeth Award Cacoward


Game: Doom2
Port: GZDoom / Skulltag
Map: STR01 - STR35
Type: Single Player, Coop Recommended
Date Finished: November 8th, 2010
Editing Reference: archive Stronghold Editing Reference (734 KB)
Reviews: [ 1 ]  

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