Doom's not only successful because of its innovative engine and gameplay, it's also the community that's responsible for such a game, surviving titles like Quake, Unreal Tournament and it's own successor Doom III. Ideas are still flowing, and the flourishing community grows and lives on. But how are the persons behind these countless maps, mods and resources? Time to find out more!

vaderIf you think about "Knee-Deep in ZDoom", Vader is one of the first things that come to your mind. He has won the "Mapper of the Year 2008" title in the last "Annual Cacowards" and that was definitely for a reason. Vader is the proof of concept, that Doom is capable to produce maps that can easily compete with architectural detail found in newer generations of games and that it is actually possible to create totally new Doom monsters that fit seemingless into the world of Doom, someone might think they were drawn by id software's very own but just forgotten to be implemented in Doom 2. Currently he is one of my comerades in the ongoing development phase of "The Shores of ZDoom" and "Stronghold" but I also consider him as a good friend of mine.... yes, we german's always stick together, sometimes against the rest of the world. I took the opportunity today and got myself some answers that I thought might be interesting for you as well. If you agree, just read on and get your cookies.

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TDA? Who is TDA?

If you're an active part of the ZDoom community you won't dare asking this question. In most cases - and if I do not accidentally mistype the acronym - TDA stands for TheDarkArchon, one of the most well-known members around. Although you can count his personal releases…


Dr. Wily's sharp-edged robot

When thinking of heartattacks, the first thing that comes to my mind is The Ghoul's Forest. It is one of the most well-known horror approaches that has ever been made for Doom, and it is definitely doing good as several Youtube videos and countless spinoffs already…



Double Impact By RottKing & Ralphis
Double Impact By RottKing & Ralphis

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