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archive Adrenaline Kit Popular

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archive Airstrike Marker

By 76 downloads

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The airstrike marker is a small device used by UAC to direct TCM airstrikes.

archive Ammo Belt Popular

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archive AmmoSphere Popular

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archive Ankh of Life Popular

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The Ankh of Life is an artifact that improves the effectiveness of healing potions. The player gains extra, bonus health from using both the Crystal Vial and the Quartz Flask. Custom healing items can be made to work with this if desired.

There are two versions of this artifact included: The first version lasts of an entire level and makes either potions provide the player with 25% bonus health. The other version is upgradeable and has permanent effect, with each individual pickup of the artifact increasing the bonus health gain by 5%, up to a maximum of 100%.

archive Armor Belt Popular

By 139 downloads

This new type of armor makes it possible to add armor and ammo together. This could save your life in difficult situations.

archive Armor Set Popular

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archive Armor Shard Popular

By 1586 downloads

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archive Armor Sphere Popular

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archive Beacon Popular

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archive Berserk Sphere Popular

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archive BioSphere Popular

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archive Biosuit Popular

By 2027 downloads

archive Blaze Orb Popular

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archive Blood Amulet Popular

By 1111 downloads

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An amulet that increases player's ammunition upon taking damage. The larger the amount of damage taken the more ammo the player gains.

Note: As is, the item only works on Heretic's and Hexen's stock ammo which are the intended games for the item. If modders wish for it to work on other ammo types, then they simply need to edit the script to add them.

archive Bloodlust Sphere Popular

By 2439 downloads

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archive Book of the Dead Popular

By 1843 downloads

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archive Boots of the North Popular

By 1222 downloads

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archive Bracers of Force Popular

By 1301 downloads

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archive Bullet Cartridge Popular

By 1224 downloads

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A medium sized ammo pickup that will give you 25 bullets (Strife).

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