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The City Of The Damned - Apocalypse

You found the original City of the Damned scary and cool? Then you should really get its successor with the promising subtitle Apocalypse. Expect a complete new Doom experience that isn't so Doom anymore. Kill zombies, solve puzzles and get yourself through the City of the Damned again... alive!


Prepare to descend into the abyss of "The City of The Damned 2," a haunting sequel to the unholy terror that was its predecessor. This nightmarish ZDoom map, infused with the sinister essence of Monolith's "Blood," now emerges from the depths, cloaked in the eerie glow of dynamic lights and adorned with nightmarish enhancements, all in the haunting embrace of GZDoom. As you step into this accursed realm, brace yourself for a descent into madness. The very air is thick with dread, the city streets shrouded in perpetual darkness. Unholy forces conspire in the shadows, as malevolent zombies, deranged cultists, and diabolical demons lurk around every corner, their malevolence palpable. With trembling hands and pounding heart, you shall embark on a nightmarish odyssey where the line between the living.


Game Doom 2
Port GZDoom 4.11.3
Maps 1 map
Type Single Player, Cooperative
Status 100%
Download The City of the Damned 2 - Apocalypse (v2.0)
Classic archive The City of the Damned 2 - Apocalypse (v1.2) (24.43 MB)
Website none

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