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Possessed Mannequin

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Name: Possessed Mannequin
Difficulty: Easy
Connection: Normal Mannequin (included)
Summon: MannequinRandomSpawner (for specifics check Decorate.txt)
Melee: Yes
Distance: No
Type: Demon, Prop
Brightmaps: Yes
Actor Modification: No
Submitted: Ganbare-Lucifer
Code: Neoworm, swc132994, Craneo, Skelegant
Sounds: New Blood, Copper B. Chance, Valve, Craneo, Skelegant
Sprites: Id Software, Monolith Productions, Vader, ItsNatureToDie
Sprite Edit: Craneo, Skelegant
Idea Base: My own pediophobia growing up (fear of "innanimate humanoids")
Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Have you ever caught something moving from the corner of your eye? Well, if you haven't, then this is your lucky - or perhaps, unlucky - day! As a demonic force has brought some of the local mall's mannequins to life! Keep an eye on them and defend yourself when they try to attack you!

archive Possessed Manequinn  (105 KB)

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