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Stone Imp

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Name: Stone Imp
Difficulty: Easy
Connection: None
Summon: StoneImp, StoneImpHidden1, StoneImpHidden2
Melee: Yes
Distance: No
Type: Demon, Elemental
Brightmaps: No
Actor modification: No
Submitted: Tormentor667
Code: Espi, Blue Shadow (stone bits SFX - based on Nash's nashgore code), TheMightyHeracross, Ghastly (ZScript conversion)
Sounds: id Software, Raven Software (Hexen) for the attack, Bungie for hit sound
Sprites: id Software, Blue Shadow (stone bits)
Sprite Edit: Espi, Vader, MidoriMan
There are two versions included:

Stone Imp (original): An Imp variant with no projectile attack. Bit more health than the Imp, but just as slow and can only melee. It is completely immune to electric/lightning and poison based-attacks, has decent resistant to fire-based attacks. but slightly weak against ice-based attacks.

Stone Imp ("hidden"): This is similar to the Stone Imp, except it has a bit more of an ambush tactic. When spawned, it will basically be an exact replica of one of two green marble column decorations. However, when approached, these will morph into Stone Imps with slightly higher speeds and no alert sound to ambush the player.

archive Stone Imp  (105 KB)
Updated Apr 6th, 2019

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