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Hex Prism

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{tab=Info}Name: Hex Prism
Difficulty: Easy
Connections: Disciples of D'Sparil's projectile
Summon: GemTurret
Melee: No
Distance: Projectile
Type: Magical, Construct
Brightmaps: No
Added States: No
{tab=Credits}Submitted: Captain Toenail
Decorate: Captain Toenail
Sounds: Raven Software, FindSounds.com
Sprites: Raven Software, Hexx
Sprite Edit: Captain Toenail
Idea Base: Skyrim soul gem 'turrets'
Enchanted gems, crafted by the Serpent Rider's sorcerous minions. The hex prism is a brittle purple crystal, containing swirling necrotic energies. When an enemy approaches, these energies are focused into deadly orbs that are then released with swift, deadly effect.

This is an immobile, turret type enemy. When the target is within sight and range (1024 map units) it will fire a steady stream of purple projectiles. Useful for setting up traps, guarding doors, chokepoints, keys etc. Toggle the FRIENDLY flag for some helpful defensive firepower.
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