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Chaos Cube

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Name: Chaos Cube
Difficulty: Medium
Connection: None
Summon: ChaosCube
Melee: No
Distance: Projectile
Type: Mechanical, Magical
Brightmaps: No
Added States: No
Submitted: TheDoomedArchvile
Code: TheDoomedArchvile, Amuscaria
GLDefs: TheDoomedArchvile
Sounds: Raven Software, Monolith
Sprites: Neoworm
Idea Base: Guardian Cube and Neoworm's sprite sheet of this enemy
Large cubes that have been filled with so much magical energy that they have become sentient. Bent to the wills of their creators, these cubes will attack their enemies with a variety of spells. They telegraph their attacks with different movement patterns. Rearing up like a cobra, teleporting around like a magician, freezing in place like ice, and dancing like fire. They are as dangerous as their dances are captivating.

archive Chaos Cube  (260 KB)
Updated Jan 10th, 2024

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