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The Realm667 is a website dedicated to providing game enthusiasts with a vast collection of resources and assets for the popular game engines GZDoom, ZDoom and Zandronum. The website is a treasure trove of user-generated content such as game mods, custom enemies, new weapons, textures, sound effects and other resources and assets that can be used to enhance your very own modifications and mapsets. With a large community of contributors and users, the Realm667 is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to customize their gaming experience with new and exciting content. Whether you are a seasoned modder or just starting, this is the place to be when it comes to excellent resources for adding depth and variety to your adventures.

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Name: 'Warpscourge' Plasma Rifle
Class: 6
Type: Projectile
Palette: Custom
Summon: WarpScourge
Ammo Type: Cell
Altfire: Yes
Powered Mode: No
Brightmaps: No
Actor modification: No
Submitted: Rifleman
Code: Rifleman
Sounds: Doom, Hexen, SilverIllusionist
Sprites: Doom, Hexen
Sprite Edit: Rifleman
Idea Base: Random idea
A mystical artifact was found during one of UAC's expeditions. While seemingly broken and non-functional, a bored scientist trid to hook it up to Plasma Rifle energy source and thus WarpScourge Rifle was born. It amplifies the power of a regular Plasma by drawing upon the life energies of the nearby beings, but it also seems to have retained some if its former abilities...

archive WarpScourge  (95 KB)




Name: MG-45
Class: 4
Type: Hitscan
Palette: Custom
Summon: MG45
Ammotype: HBAmmo (custom)
AltFire: No
Submitted: Doomperson 999
Code: Doomperson 999, willkuer, BFGMajorMike, ZMC, elSebas54
Sprites: Blackmore1014, Demirgon, willkuer
Sounds: ZVX, Sgt. Mk. IV, willkuer, Sound Dogs, ZMC
Idea Base: Einheitsmaschinengewehr (The Universal Machine Gun Concept).
In 1944, the material shortages of the Third Reich led to the development of a newer material-saving simplified version of the MG 42, the MG 45 (or MG 42V). It fires at a faster rate than that of the MG-42, which, even with its original fire rate, could sever limbs and cut people in half with its bullet barrage.

archive MG-45  (396 KB)




Name: Wendigolem
Difficulty: Medium
Connections: Uses the Heretic Golem as base, and Ghastly_Dragon's Frostfang projectiles
Summon: Wendigolem
Melee: Yes
Distance: Medium
Type: Ice, Magical
Added States: Yes
Submitted: Skies
Code: Skies, Ghastly_dragon
Sprites: Raven Software, Amuscaria
Sprite Edit: Skies, Ghastly_dragon
GLDefs: Ghastly_dragon
Sounds: Blizzard Entertainment, CutmanMike (GvH), Ghastly_dragon, Raven Software
Idea Base: Ghastly_dragon's Ice Golem and Frostfang
Looks like a standard golem, but with an ice-like recolour. Can use three different attacks: melee attacks, regular missile attacks (Ghastly_dragon's Frostfang ice shards) and a super missile attack (Powered Frostfang ice ball). It's stronger and faster than regular Nitrogolems and the super attack, although it happens with low probability, is an almost sure one-shot, so use with care.

archive Wendigolem  (189 KB)

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