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Name: Vore
Difficulty: Medium
Connections: None
Summon: Vore
Melee: No
Distance: Projectile
Type: Demon
Brightmaps: Yes
Actor modifications: No
Code: Ghastly_dragon
GLDefs: Ghastly_dragon
Sounds: Id Software
Sprites: Nmn (sprite set), Vader (projectile)
Idea Base: Vore from Quake 1
The famous Vore from Quake 1, which made occasional appearances in Episode 2 and 3 and was all through Episode 4. It's pretty much a dedicated turret; it's slow and not incredibly strong up close, but its attack does a decent amount of damage and its projectile homes very aggressively. Additionally, it will home in on you AROUND CORNERS.

archive Vore  (130 KB)
Updated Jan 10th, 2024

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