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Sonic Railgun Zombie



Name: Sonic Railgun Zombie
Difficulty: Medium
Connection: None
Summon: SonicRailgunZombie
Melee: No
Distance: Rail
Type: Human, Undead
Brightmaps: Yes
Actor modification: No
Code: Ghastly_dragon
GLDefs: Ghastly_dragon, Sandypaper (Brightmaps)
Sprites: Id Software
Sprite Edit: Xim (Railgun), Ghastly_dragon (Recolor and set up), Captain Toenail (blood stains), Tormentor667 (Base (It used the Zombie Railgunner) ), Vader (Head)
Sounds: Id Software
Idea base: Aerial's Sonic Railgun
Like the Zombie Railgunner, with two main differences; first, its railgun is weak, but rapid fire. Secondly, it has a chance to charge up its railgun (while walking around) for a more powerful blast. After it starts charging, it can't attack for a while, but can hold the charge until it shoots.

archive Sonic Railgun Zombie  (84 KB)
Updated Apr 6th, 2019

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