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Auto Shotgun Guy



Name: Auto Shotgun Zombie
Difficulty: Easy(ish)
Connections: None
Summon: ASGGuy
Melee: No
Distance: Hitscan
Type: Undead
Brightmaps: Yes
Actor modification: No
Submitted: scalliano
Code: scalliano, Popsoap, Ghastly_dragon (ZScript conversion)
GLDefs: scalliano
Sounds: Eriance
Sprites: Id Software, Ghastly_dragon, Eriance, Xim
Sprite Edit: scalliano
Idea Base: Automatic Shotgun from Demon Eclipse & Stronghold
A zombie with an automatic shotgun that fires four shots in quick succession at a time and reloads after sixteen shots. Can take more damage than Doom's standard zombies, and can deal damage to the player very quickly at close ranges.

archive Auto Shotgun Guy  (74.3 KB)
Updated Nov 23rd, 2018

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