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Chapter 10: Every end bears a new beginning

WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony
What lays behind the horizon of the future? Nobody knows that.

For two decades I was actively working on mods as part of the Doom community. I experienced drama and happyness, as a spectator and as an affected. I worked on projects that had success and I spearheaded projects that failed. With the release of Blade of Agony now, I think I reached my personal peak of a long ascension. Right now, I can enjoy the view from this unique perspective. And after a while it's time to get back, settle myself to the ground and then get used to be part of the game as a player, as a consumer, as a guide.

Experiences to share

Some people asked me "Torm, how do you come up with these ideas? What makes your maps so special?" Years ago, I was famous for one special quote: "Needs more detail". According to DoomBuilder, 2 sectors are enough to save a map. Now I'd say, there is no receipt for a good map. The variety of popular releases through the years proof thisso it doesn't matter if you plan to work on classic Doom themed vanilla maps or if you dig deep in the box of GZDoom features. It doesn't matter if you use original assets or if you prepare yourself for a total conversion. But what matters is - and as I said, this is just my opinion and it isn't representative for the whole community - that you come up with something original, with something fresh and new.

Despite having a talent in organizing and leading team efforts, I always tried to come up with unique ideas, with something, that hasn't been done before. I always tried to think out of the box when I started a new project. Creating a map that combines horror- and story-elements with Doom? Let's try it. Reimagining classic Doom's episode one with enhanced features? Risky but why not. Combining assault and invasion into a new game mode? Sounds like it could be fun. Creating a new Wolfenstein mod that could live up as unofficial successor to Wolfenstein 3D? Challenge accepted.

Many releases in the past years have proven, that there are no limits when it comes to Doom mods. ravage's Hocus Pocus port is one of the best examples what single artists are capable to achieve. If you have a vision, don't limit yourself by questioning your own skills. The community is filled with talented and generous people who might either help if you reached a dead end or even join your project if it is promising enough. Look over the edge of the plate and try something new - that's the most important hint I can give you.

Needs more detail
I'd suggest avoiding my detail guide.

Hocus Pocus DoomHocus Pocus reimagined in 3D by ravage
Rekkr by Revae is a TC for Classic Doom
Golden Souls 2Doom meets Super Mario World: Batandy's Golden Souls 2
Ancient AliensAncient Aliens by skillsaw features one of the most unique looks ever

What to expect now

I am 36 years old now, my personal situation has come to different shapes than it was when I was 15, with lots of time on my hands. When I was a teenager, I used to say "Goodbye, I need to get back to real-life for a while".

While I was gathering memories and looking through my own history, I realized, that I never left the real-life when I was modding. I took my role in a society, a community of painters, of musicians, of architects, of visionaries and of artists. Some of these like Enjay, Nash, Graf Zahl, Nightmare or Xaser are companions for years, some of them became friends, others became competitors. Behind every nickname there is a person, there is a family, there are fates, emotions, dreams. And sometimes even death is part of this circuit. The internet-anonymity seduces us to forget this fact. Don't you forget it.

So what am I doing with my time now? There are a lot of Doom projects in my DoomLauncher that I saved for "a later moment when I have more time", and so are a lot of games like the Resident Evile 2 Remake or Age of Empires II Definitive Edition that I always wanted to play but never did because I simply was lacking time and I preferred to mod. I will definitely stay being part of the community, that's for sure - give advice, help people and simply participate in all this from a player's perspective - and enjoy that. The Realm667 will continue to serve as a community for resources, news and information as long as the staff and I are able to do this. All it needs from you? Keep doomin', release exciting new mods and project and stay hungry & creative!

Best wishes,
Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Resident Evil 2 RemakeOn my playlist: Resident Evil 2 Remake

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition
I was waiting for this gem: Age of Empires II DE

Epilogue | Community Voices

  • KDiZD was the prime of my teenage life quite honestly, with all the craze, my depression, turmoil, and the leaks. Man that was hillariously epic and epically hillarious at times. And Stronghold? For me, it's the best. I don't think anything will ever top it in my own subjective ranking. Dan, just wanted to emphasize at this point, that you're one of the people I have huge amounts of respect for, even though we never met face-2-face, for all your contributions and iron charisma, while remaining a good buddy all along the way. Keep your spirit up and let nothing slow you down!

    NMN (member of the KDiZD team)
  • I can see how all that work may become a bit much. I have felt like that may times over the last 18 years when I first registered on these forums. There were several occasions when I just had to put the work aside and do something different, but the one thing I never did over all those years is quit for good. So my hope would be that despite stopping work on Doom related things you won't just disappear and still continue contributing in some form, like giving advice and feedback. Being part of the community does not mean being available 24/7, even a few minutes every week would count.

    Graf Zahl (lead developer of GZDoom)
  • Ahhhh damn, I'm actually gonna miss you, thank you so much for making a lot of my favourite mods such as Stronghold and ZDCMP2, you've also been an influence in terms of modding as well such as architecture.

  • Two decades worth of passion and creativity for the game is probably more than anyone can ask of one person, especially when it's done out of a sense of love for Doom and asking for nothing in return. You've had a pretty incredible Doom career, Torm and have been a powerful influence and resource for the community. Thank you for everything.

  • Your legacy has a place in Doom modding history and won't be forgotten.

  • Good luck with whatever you decide to do Tormentor and thanks for all the cool levels and mods you've worked on over the years, plus a cool site with a nice collection of assets and information.

    Doom_Dude (creator of Vilecore)
  • I can't say I was aware of what you've dealt with over the years until just recently, and I really can't wrap my head around it all. Though I believe that everything happens for a reason, and in this case, you have your reasons. It's likely that what you feel in your heart you should do. So good luck man with what ever new endeavors you seek from this point forward! ;)

  • Thank you for your hard work. When I started mapping, you were part of my inspirations (alongside vader) and, even though my mapping has evolved to non zdoom oriented projects, I still can't forget what you have taught me. Thanks for all. Good luck with your future endeavors :)

  • Tormentor, your creations and gifts to the community have been immeasurable. Thank you for giving us all these amazing gifts of creativity and passion to experience. You are legendary and hold a very special place in the hearts of many. Thank you and take care in all of your future endeavors. You're sure to succeed!

  • Yeah, 20 years is a long damn time, especially when you've created so much and been involved as much as you have. Thank you so much for everything you've done, and I realize we've never really talked, but I'll miss seeing Tormenter667 pop up. I wish you all the best, and I hope you'll drop in from time to time.

  • Man, I'm gonna really miss your content. The Ultimate Torment and Torture was the very first Doom mod I had ever played, and was my first major step in the modding scene. I was impressed by how much could be accomplished on such an old engine, and had a blast encountering all kinds new and crazy custom demons. [..] You have provided countless hours of entertainment for absolutely free, and I cannot be more thankful for that. I believe that the greatest works emerge from pure passion and love for one's craft, and you along with many other members of the Doom community are living proof of that.

  • A sad day to realise another legend goes to retirement, but from other side it's for the best. If you feel your tasks/duties/plans then it must be pretty satisfying feel of completion of your end goals and that you can be go for rest on a beach with umbrella in your drink. Thank you for everything Torm. A lot of great stuff have i witnessed, your legacy will keep live on. Have fun.

  • My heart always skips a beat whenever I see a "goodbye/farewell" thread on Doomworld, but seeing you leaving is actually quite saddening. Good luck with your future endeavors and thank you for everything you made and shared with us. I hope Realm667 would be still up and running because there are some really cool stuff there.

  • It's sad, of course, but you know how they say: It's better to go away while you're still remembered, and remembered nicely, and from what we see here, it surely that time. You were one of the two people who bring me back into Dooming almost decade later, and also one of two who inspired me to start mapping on my own. So, thank you, and good luck with whatever you want to do now.

  • Appreciate your huge and lasting contributions to the community. I hope you look back on your time in this corner of the world fondly, occasional eruption of drama aside. Hope too that you find something you enjoy even more to fill the extra time!

  • Congratulations on leaving on a high Daniel. You’ve been a massive presence throughout my entire time in the community, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the mapper I am without your influence. Come to think of it, without you I wouldn’t have even mapped for some of the biggest community projects I was in on.  Well done on all you’ve achieved and best of luck for whatever you turn your talents to next!

    Phobus (part of the Stronghold team)
  • Sad to see you go Torm, all the best. Really enjoyed your Torment and Torture series, also thanks for hosting all that stuff on R667!

    Captain Toenail
  • You were one of my earliest inspirations for mapping. Good luck on your future.

    Gothic (part of the ZPack team)
  • I always felt that you were an out-of-the-box thinker when it came to DooM mods, a person who pushed the boundaries and sought out innovative ways to repackage a vintage game. Others will fill the void you leave, but it is still sad to see you go. Meine Segenswünsche.

    ReX (creator of Darkest Hour)
  • I definitely greatly enjoyed all of your works however, even the more controversial ones like KDIZD. They were what got me really interested in the ZDoom modding scene at the time, even just as a lurker, so it's weird to me that particularly the older ambitious mods, including TUTNT and Stronghold, seem to be getting little mention these days. At least among the greater Doom community and social media.

  • Thank you so much for your contribution to the community torm and good luck with your future endeavors. Your mods were instrumental in inspiring me to get into modding. Ultimate Torment and Torture, KDiZD and Stronghold were one of the first mods i played and still hold to high regard. Your legacy won't be forgotten.

    jazzmaster9 (creator of Shadows of Destiny)
  • A legend in your own right, with cobblestones along the way. But if we have to look at the greater picture, your legacy shines through without any hesitation. ''Needs more detail'' even became unofficial Doom jargon. Nothing more needs to be added to that. Torm, although we only briefly worked together, certainly when compared to 20 years of Dooming, it was a pleasant and rewarding experience. For whatever it is worth, please stick around as Doom rolls into the future. A future in which your mods definitely have played and will play more than just a part.

    Redneckerz (part of the Realm667 staff)
  • I symphasize completely, because I felt similar i guess. I wanted to quit, but...well here I am.still/again hanging around.... Have a nice Doom-free time and come back later.

    DoomGater (webmaster of doomgate.de)
  • Over the years, you've really created some awe-inspiring projects. Things that took Doom to a completely different level and became something totally unique. It's a shame you're leaving the community but if it's something you no longer enjoy then it's probably for the best. Know that you've made a great impression on this community, and most people appreciate your work and hold them in fairly high regard. I wish you luck in whatever path you choose to pursue next. Thanks for everything Tormentor667!

  • Thanks for your great work and collection of resources compiled into one easily accessible place. I had a blast playing KDiZD, Stronghold, UTnT and COTD years back and I still come back to them from time to time now. These mods still stand on a unique level all of their own.

  • Good luck with your future endeavors! Your photography is top notch and I'm sure you will find success wherever you plant your feet. Thank you for all that you've done in these two decades.

  • I gotta say that the projects that you led in the past, like ZPack and City of the Damned - Apocalypse, were my inspiration to make maps at the beginning. Real life stuff is more important now, you have other projects to make, in which I wish you luck.

  • I'd like to thank you Tormentor for all your contributions over the years, especially with Realm 667. I have played some of your stuff over the years and always enjoyed them. You will be dearly missed by the community. Hopefully you find the time and/or energy to return one day. Best of luck in your future endeavours.

    Final Verdict
  • Oh wow. I had no idea you were retiring from the Doom community. There might have been a few releases that I was not the biggest fan of, but there is no denying that you've made a huge impact on the Doom community. Good luck on your future endeavors Torm.

  • Enjoying your articles and good luck. I’ve had a lot of fun working on Doom Launcher and it wouldn’t have happened if you never made this post.

  • Sad to see you go, T - if it weren't for UTnT and the R667 repo, I might never have been inspired to try my own hand at Doom modding. All the best, man. Thanks for all of your contributions over the years.


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