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Realm667, a private and personal webpage will soon celebrate its fifteenth birthday. Considering the fact that most personal web pages out there only exist for a few years or get abandoned even earlier, I can take this as a definite milestone for this page as it is still up to date with numerous content being added every once in a while. Though, it hasn't been that easy when I started my first version back in 2000 and I would have never believed that almost fifteen years later my web page is still online and gets still visited several hundred times every day. So, what has it looked like in earlier times? What has been changed on the page and how did things happen to turn out as they are right now?

For a certain while I even logged a list of changes of the site (aka the changelog) but I don't think that this is really interesting for people, so I stopped updating this after the migration to Joomla 3.3.3. Regarding the latest hacking attacks it's maybe even better that people do not know what systems we are using. For an even more detailed information - partially filled with heavy overuse of bad english - read the news archive.

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