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Dear visitors and members, the Realm667 is already online and running for over 15 years, turning it into one of the doom pages with the largest lifespan and and activity. During all these years, paying for the host was no problem for us as traffic and webspace slowly increased when the page was only meant as a platform for my personal work.

Now, since 2010, the Realm667 has turned from a personal project showcase of Tormentor667's own work into a large resource community that provides a huge amount of data to all its visitors. This service needs webspace, this service causes traffic and this service needs maintenence. Just to give you an idea, the page with all its content causes about 80.000 MB to 120.000 MB of traffic each month, with about 6.000.000 hits.

"Webspace, Traffic and Maintenence is not for free!"

With a basic webhosting pack and the traffic that contineously increases since Realm667 is growing, the overall costs for this page (un)fortunately increases as well. But instead of closing this place, we want to keep it alive and continue to provide all that stuff that has been collected so far - even though we know that it won't get better with even more resources in the future, thanks to all the creative minds in our community.

"Great, REALM667 pays all out of his own pocket."

Well, yes, we pay the webhosting out our my own pocket and we do draw a lot of free time into this project, but the former isn't that great at all. The Realm667 is a community project, serving as a base for people's work, serving as a place where people can showcase their stuff and download their resources for their personal project. Every year, the whole webhosting and maintenance costs about $ 400, two years and you can already have a very nice vacation (and we don't even count the time that we dedicate every week into this portal). We want to keep the site ad-free and working, as we want to continue providing a good service for people out there. But it's a give and take.

"It's a give and take - time to give!"

If you want to keep the Realm667 alive and if you want to support everyone of us (not only the admins, also the developers, mappers and yourself), spend a few bucks from time to time. It's easy, doesn't take a lot of time and risc-free with Paypal, just use the link on the right "Support Now!" box. Thanks in return a lot for every little support, every single dollar will help us.


Well, everyone does, but not by using the money that is actually dedicated to the Realm667. It's a promise that all the support we get will directly be invested into the monthly fee for the hosting and technical support. In case the support are higher than this, we promise to re-invest the money for improvements or additions, that make the site even smoother for you - Hissy watches!

"Okay then, let's do it:

So just click on the PayPal button at the right, login, send a few bucks and be part of the people support a game that's older than 25 years and a community consisting out of people who are married, have children and still rock this aged but charming piece of art, that keeps us all together.

SACKA0   Best regards,
   Dan & the Realm667 team

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