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Apocalypse of the Damned gets a remaster

The first release of The City of the Damned: Apocalpyse has hit the crowd on the 1st of November 2007. That's quite a long time to be honest. It was well received and still is one of the must-play-classics but it didn't age too well. In the past two years I didn't release anything new after finishing Blade of Agony but I remastered a few older releases that I thought of deserving it, like Austerity, Sapphire or The City of the Damned. For the second part of the series, I avoided working on it for a while because I found it too difficult to realize my own ideas without too much help. Fortunately though some well-known people from the communt like Blue Shadow, Nash and Ozymandias decided to join me and since about half a year we are concentrating on this very special remaster. So, what can you expect?

  • An extensive overhaul 3 years in the making
  • Combat tweaks with punchier weapons
  • Improved gore effects
  • A journal to keep track of your objectives, as well any letters you've found
  • A new, custom font to improve readability
  • New areas to discover (city cistern, camping site, swamp)
  • Expanded areas (new rooms in buildings, new shortcuts to avoid backtracking)
  • New puzzles and quests
  • A new item to help you anticipate the impending nightmares
  • Unique ammo types for all weapons
  • Fully localized text
  • Improved user interface for reading letters
  • Improved grammar and language
  • High resolution letter images
  • Revamped monster cast (improved enemies, new enemies)
  • Short introduction cutscenes for bosses (skippable)
  • Final boss variants depending on whether you choose the Path of Doom or the Road of Blood
  • New final boss battle music
  • New fullscreen HUD and a slightly customized alt HUD
  • Judicious use of shaders for some sprites, and post processing
  • Toggle-able fog and snow effects
  • Optional weapon sway and strafe-tilting
  • Voxels for some static decorations
  • Converted most doors into Polyobjects for increased realism
  • Faux volumetric lighting effects
  • Displacement maps
  • Widescreen support (21:9)
  • Animated TITLEMAP instead of a static graphic
  • Full color sprites and textures
  • Actor optimization and massive scripting cleanup
  • Full coop support (GZDoom multiplayer only; not Zandronum)
  • Special: Finally you can visit the barn from the original TITLEPIC ;)

That's quite a lot, isn't it? For further details and the latest content, just feel free to check the GitHub repository. Stay tuned for more media soon!

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