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Operation: Eisenfaust Legacy

Eisenfaust LegacyThis is not Doom-related but still it's worth being posted: Team RayCast has just released his standalone project Operation: Eisenfaust Legacy which is actually a 127mb large Wolf-3D mod (oh yes, they've come a long way). The project was four years in the making and features a lot of nifty and shiny things that haven't been present in the original game. The story takes place after the events that occured in Operation: Eisenfaust Origins and Operation: Eisenfaust. After Schabbs' demise, it was assumed that the Eisenfaust plans had been destroyed once and for all. But a former protégé of Schabbs has taken the blueprints of the operation and is attempting to restart it. It is up to special agent B.J. Blazkowicz to stop the Nazi's from creating another mutant army. Will B.J. stop them, or is he about to find out that the operation might have progressed a lot faster than he thought, with its effects far more devastating. You can find the download as well as further information at the official release thread.

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