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The Refinery - Trinity released

Lately I am really enjoying spicing up my old projects from time to time. It's nothing that "I have to" or that time plans demand from me, it's something I can work on when I am interested in doing. For the past year I have been working on a remaster of The Refinery with the title Trinity. There has been some bashing around when it was released in 2012 (let's simply forget about the "Shores of ZDoom" drama) and maybe it was released in a certain rush back then. Anyhow it wasn't released the way it was meant to be so I took the time to finish it up, adjust the gameplay, exchange some actors, add some new content and on top of it all, enhancing it with a 3rd playthrough that totally shuffles the cards again. Give it a try, at least three times before you wipe it of the harddrive again. It might be fun.

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