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Doom 2: Nemesis - the never ending Project

Warchild has been around in the modding community roughly since Doom Legacy v1.42 had been released and introduced 3d floors. After some first steps in mapping he decided to make his own project. It was called "Doom Dimensions" and after an SSD crash it was renamed to Doom Nemesis and reworked from scratch. This project has been around for at least a decade but was beyond the capabilities of the GZDoom port and suffered the lack of limit removing features in the port itself, manpower, hardware power and especially public interest, as nobody seemed to be interested in 3d Models that were provided by Warchild as he was one of the first to do that. Doom Nemesis nevertheless evolved parallel to the GZDoom port. Slowly but surely many limitations would vanish and new features would appear, such as DECORATE, ACS, 3D Floors, dynamic lights, HD Textures and 3D model support. With these developments, the project would slowly start to take shape and a playable alpha was released in 2021.

Doom 2: Nemesis (new name since 2022) runs with a customized particle fire enhancer fork as base "Engine" for SFX, GZDoom Port and Led´s generic weapon mod. Features are dnymic lights, scripted events via ACS, monsters, weapons, actual tracer bullets, custom basic gore, 3d Floors, tons of 3d models, custom sounds and textures, and many other things, to bring some modern gameplay and visuals together with classic gameplay and visuals.

While technical limitations get fewer thanks to GZDoom and Ultimate Doom Builder, the project still suffers from lack of public attention and feedback and therefore stays under the radar and mostly unknown to the greater community.

Many 3D modelpacks were provided by Warchild over the years since GZDoom managed to implement 3D model support and still releases packs for mappers to work with. Unfortunately to this day no foreign Doom mod is known to be using these models. Due to no available feedback, possible reasons are purely speculative. Currently, the amount of GZDoom ready 3D models reaches roughly 3000. Mentionable modelpacks are: 

and some others in development.... However, mods like Total Chaos, Hunter´s Moon, Doomreal, Doom Turnament, Wolfendoom: Blade of Agony e.t.c came into being with no relation whatsoever to these modelpacks. Warchild is also the author of  "Ballern", a mod that consists of playable vanilla maps from 2007-2010 and was released as "Ballern2012". Ballern2023 is planned to be the Remake af all the old maps + additional old maps / map snippets recycled and redone.

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