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The City of the Damned 2 - Apocalypse | Remaster released!

After an on-and-off development phase of 3 years together with Nash Muhandes, Blue Shadow and Ozymandias81, we are proud to present you the long-awaited remaster of one the most prominent Realm667 classics: The City of the Damned 2 - Apocalypse. This is not just a visual facelift but an extensive overhaul. So what can you expect from this team-effort?

  • Improved progression and modern-style game design
  • Combat tweaks with punchier weapons
  • Bespoke(tm) gore effects by Nash Muhandes, made specifically for TCOTD2
  • A journal to keep track of your objectives, as well any letters you've found
  • A new, custom font to improve readability
  • New areas to discover (city cistern, camping site, swamp)
  • Expanded areas (new rooms in buildings, new shortcuts to avoid backtracking)
  • New puzzles and quests
  • A new item to help you anticipate the impending nightmares
  • Unique ammo types for all weapons
  • Fully localized text (available in english, german and italian)
  • Improved user interface for reading letters
  • Improved grammar and language
  • High resolution letter images just for the sake of style
  • Revamped monster cast (improved enemies, new enemies)
  • Final boss variants depending on whether you choose the Path of Doom or the Road of Blood
  • New final boss battle music
  • New fullscreen HUD and a slightly customized alt HUD
  • Improved player/actor scaling for fitting proportions
  • Improved exclamation marks for quest objects and letters
  • Judicious use of shaders for some sprites, and post processing
  • Toggle-able fog and snow effects
  • Optional weapon sway and strafe-tilting
  • Voxels for some static decorations
  • Converted most doors into Polyobjects for increased realism
  • Faux volumetric lighting effects
  • Displacement maps
  • Widescreen support (21:9)
  • Animated TITLEMAP instead of a static graphic
  • Full color sprites and textures (no longer restricted to the Doom palette)
  • Actor optimization and massive scripting cleanup
  • Full coop support (GZDoom P2P multiplayer only; NOT Zandronum)
  • Special: Finally you can visit the barn from the original TITLEPIC ;)

No matter if you have played the classic back in 2007 or if you are totally new to The City of the Damned 2 - Apocalypse, it's worth playing both ways. Check out the project page for more info and enjoy the remaster as much as we have enjoyed it revisiting it for you.

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