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Plutonia 2

Plutonia 2 by Plutonia 2 Team
Plutonia 2 by Plutonia 2 Team

"Plutonia 2 is one of the few megawads that is perfect. Yes, you have read well, perfect"

Plutonia 2 is an add-on sequel for Final DOOM's "The Plutonia Experiment" made by a team that includes great names like Gusta, Eternal, Thomas van der Velden and other respected authors. It took about 8 years to finish the project so we shouldn't expect it to be just a simple amateur sequel.

Eight years of work with some of the best mappers, obviously this is a highly professional work. Plutonia 2 is the way that a sequel always must be, bigger, better and even more challenging and it really is! You can see quality in every aspect, the titlescreen, status bar, gameplay, etc...

Gusta is the author that worked on the most maps, and his talent is awesome, he made the most complex and non-linear maps in Plutonia 2, with huge layouts and challenging gameplay; if you ever played Kama Sutra you know the quality I'm talking about.

Thomas van der Velden has a very unique style of mapping and his work on Plutonia 2 is amazing, for example in map10 where you see the plane above you it starts to rise and in map11 you enter a house where sometimes you don't know if you're walking on the ceiling or on the walls, his maps are unique and visually impressive.

Eternal has a very awesome level design even though his maps are too linear compared to the others. Other mappers who did an incredible work include Angus, Erik Alm, Fredrik, Kira, and Pipicz, but map06 by Joe Pallai is a little weak compared to the rest.

Speaking of weaknesses, Plutonia 2 has a 33th level that is only playable by cheating, you can't reach it through map32 so you'll have to use ""idclev33". It was made by TheGreenHerring who is a great mapper, but this strange 33th level is not up to the quality of the rest.Maps 31 and 32 are almost the same as the ones in the original Plutonia but a little different.

In conclusion, Plutonia 2 is one of the few megawads that is perfect. Yes, you have read well, perfect and unmatchable, huge, good looking, challenging, impressive and very replayable value. Gameplay is for all doomers, it is not that nonsense and crazy slaughtering like Slaughterfest 2011 but the maps don't have less than 100 enemies either, it's just very well balanced and in the end it's ACTION-PACKED!

Please, you talented mappers of the Doom Community, go make another great team and start to work on Plutonia 3, would you?

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