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Torment & Torture 2

"It gets you so involved with the realism from the raw feel of it, it draws you in."

Ok, I dont even know where to begin on this one. Two words, absolutely incredible. This is by far, one of the best maps i have ever played to date. EXTREMELY well thought out, each part flows into another part smoothly. Design is important in wads, and this one has every aspect covered, from architecture, to flowing and fitting textures everywhere. The sheer size and layout of this map are mind boggling. The music is great, and there are many little extras and scripts added in, lightning comes to mind, with a slew of other nifty tricks. In addition the author had well placed enemies, and even some new ones with the help of some minor adjustments, and well placed ammunitions and power ups as well as ones that appear after a certain thing is accomplished or a certain amount of time has elapsed. One more thing that I loved was reusing parts of the level, liek right off the bat you cans ee the blue door, but you dont get the blue key till very near the last quarter of the wad. The author as completely rewritten the book for which the basis of good wads will be based on, and in turn has created an absolutely awe striking map. *DROOOOL*

Design Score: 10.0!

*DROOOOL* Some More. Played on Ultra Violence this map is one of the most challenging I've played in a long while. Extremely well constructed areas make for some incredible fights. ESPECIALLY in the battle arena, yes, i said BATTLE ARENA, you have to play this wad to understand! There was never a drought of ammo, but when your throwing this many demons at you, the challenge is staying alive, theres alot of figuring out which weapon is best for the situation, sometimes your fighting a bunch of imps or barons in a tight spot, others hordes of enemies out in the open, others its a Cyberdemon accross a chasm, dont get me wrong you cant go spouting off shells and rockets at walls with plenty to spare, but there is enough. Brilliant!

Difficulty Score: 10.0

Again, absolutley perfect level, I wil be playing this one much more than just this one time, thats a promise.

Playability Score: 10.0

The mindstate that this level gets you into is numbing. It gets you so involved with the realism from the raw feel of it, it draws you in. Overall. Yes it is, OVER ALL!

Overall Score: 10.0
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