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archive 40mm Grenade Launcher Popular

By 11092 downloads

Download (zip, 113 KB)


archive AA12 Shotgun Popular

By 9879 downloads

Download (zip, 16 KB)


archive Action MachineGun Popular

By 8815 downloads

Download (zip, 75 KB)


archive AK47 Popular

By 13468 downloads

archive Ammo Satchel Popular

By 5319 downloads

Download (zip, 49 KB)


archive Angled Pistol Popular

By 11100 downloads

Download (zip, 17 KB)


archive Apotheosis Popular

By 5994 downloads

archive Arbalest of the Ancients Popular

By 3610 downloads


archive ASMD Popular

By 1374 downloads

archive Auto Shotgun Popular

By 4180 downloads

Download (zip, 92 KB)


archive Autogun Popular

By 9132 downloads

archive Axe Popular

By 9451 downloads

Chop, splice, and butcher your foes with this axe! Use the regular fire for a fast slice, and the altfire for a slower but very strong attack. Pressing and holding the altfire key will result in a powerful charged up attack.

archive B.R.P.S. Popular

By 1788 downloads

Something new from the UAC has been brewing, This gun will fire a red ball of plasma that can instakill almost anything on impact! be careful about firing it in close quarters or you might get cooked!

archive Baphomet's Heart Popular

By 956 downloads

Download (zip, 33 KB)

Baphomet's Heart.zip

archive Bayonet Rifle Popular

By 3101 downloads

Download (zip, 173 KB)


archive Bearkiller Popular

By 6798 downloads

Angled double-barreled shotgun. Little more powerful, but a little slower than Doom's.

archive BFG 2704 Popular

By 7374 downloads

archive BFG10K Popular

By 10497 downloads

archive Bio Pipebomb Launcher Popular

By 7194 downloads

Download (zip, 103 KB)


archive Black Hole Generator Popular

By 7921 downloads

Download (zip, 281 KB)


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