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archive Alternate/Gib Deaths Popular

By 5332 downloads

Download (zip, 229 KB)


archive Animated UAC Logo Popular

By 3497 downloads

Download (zip, 5 KB)


archive Ash Spawner Popular

By 4135 downloads

Download (zip, 7 KB)


archive Bubble Boiling Popular

By 5654 downloads

Download (zip, 164 KB)


archive Bubbles Popular

By 4252 downloads

archive Casing Spawners Popular

By 4876 downloads

Download (zip, 3 KB)


archive Cinder Spawner Popular

By 3307 downloads

Download (zip, 6 KB)


Spawns floating cinders in an area, for fiery maps. The spawning area, speed and spawning frequency of the cinders can be customized.

archive CloudSpawner Popular

By 5683 downloads

Download (zip, 8 KB)


archive Damage and Low Health Effects Popular

By 2601 downloads

Enables blood splatter effects when suffering damage and/or dying. Intensity of the damage splats are proportional to damage suffered. Also provides "fade" effects for when the player's health gets below 50%. Effects can be individually turned on/off or modified.

archive Doom 3 Blood Decals Popular

By 4104 downloads

Download (zip, 207 KB)


archive Doom Terrain Splashes Popular

By 5449 downloads

Download (zip, 30 KB)


Provides splash effects for Doom flats. Includes water, sludge, and lava from Heretic/Hexen, as well as blood, slime (nukage), and mud, and a "sizzle" effect for hot non-liquid floors.<br />

archive Ember Spawner Popular

By 4795 downloads

Download (zip, 6 KB)


archive Fire Popular

By 7791 downloads

archive Flame Traps Popular

By 606 downloads

Download (zip, 92 KB)

Flame Traps.zip

archive Fog Spawner Popular

By 6023 downloads

archive Forcefield Laserbeams Popular

By 4168 downloads

Download (zip, 9 KB)


archive Fountain of Rejuvenation Popular

By 3110 downloads

Download (zip, 15 KB)


A particle-based "fountain" that gives an assortment of beneficial effects to the player standing in it. The effects include health, armor, ammo and powerups. The fountain is limited by how much it can give, and it will eventually deplete after extensive use.

archive IWad Brightmaps Popular

By 6001 downloads

archive Lavaball Spawner Popular

By 3838 downloads

Download (zip, 18 KB)


Spawns balls of lava, like from Quake 1. Spawning area, spawning frequency, velocity and whether or not they do damage can be customized.

archive Parallaxing Sky Viewpoint Popular

By 759 downloads

Download (zip, 794 KB)


An improved variant of ZDoom's existing static sky viewpoint actor, unlike the ZDoom sky camera, this camera will move relative to the players' camera, making it so you can move closer or further from objects like distant hills that exist within a skybox sector, instead of the camera staying in place, similar to 3D skyboxes in the Source Engine.

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