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Too Late for an April Fool?

doomAfter a developement of almost three months, I proudly present you "Torment & Torture 3 : Fortress of Damnation". What do you have to expect? Amazing effects taking the advantage of all ZDoom 2.0 features, complete new enemies without overwriting original doom ones, 2 maps with astonishing atmosphere never seen in a pwad before, perfect fitting background music and therefore an impressive end in the TNT trilogy. You can grab the zip file now in my "Maps & Wads" section and be sure to have the latest ZDoom version on your harddisk to enter full pleasure of single player gaming without any errors or bugs :) (http://zdoom.notgod.com/lars/ ). But there are still two things left before you play and after you have played the wad: Please read the .txt file within the zip and please give me some feedback on the map in my forums :) I think this request is a good service in return for my hard job I have done :)

So, whats next after this final release now?! Well, as you will see/have seen in TNT3, I altered Doom enemies and played around with the gothic texture set and, well, I like it :) My latest idea is to create a Doom map in Heretic/Hexen style with gothic textures, heretic enemies, hexen enemies and altered doom enemies (to look more heretic/hexen like). Maybe, this thing will have 3-5 maps, a nice story and interesting other stuff with a good mixture of ZDoom effects and scripting, so, you can look forward to the next update here :) Greets from Germany and a nice weekend :)


I added a topinfo box at the top of this news site and also a archiv link at the bottom of this news page ;) Don't ask why!
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