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Stronghold Release Candidate 2

doom.pngscreenshot_doom_20101008_234448.jpgAfter another 2 months have been passed, Stronghold is finally in another release candidate status. Hundreds of bugs have been sorted out, countless suggestions directly from the community have been implemented, gameplay and maps have been heavily adjusted and many new surprises (even 2 completely new maps) are waiting for you in this release. Thanks to all of you who contributed to this in a way and we developers all hope that this RC is the final version of our project that ends up in the /idgames archive as well. So, just get the latest zip from here or the official Stronghold homepage at http://stronghold.drdteam.org/ and try the new Stronghold RC2 just now, we are looking forward to some feedback from you just in time! Zwinkernd
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