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Medieval Sneak Preview

doomThis evening (it is 11:37 PM over here) I will finally introduce you a bit into my latest project. As always, it will feature unique stuff never seen before in a pwad as my work always does, thx goes to my imaginative mind :) So, what do you have to expect, you may ask? Here is a short list of features:
  • Amazing and sweeping atmosphere
  • A risky and unusual but also nice and new combination of textures (gothic, heretic/hexen, quake)
  • Altered and new enemies with new behavior which fit perectly in the new environment
  • Altered and new weapons (original heretic/hexen ones plus totally new ones)
  • A set of 5+ maps within a hub (no more large levels like TNT3)
The aim of this project is to bring you a new fantasy quest in the world of Hexen and Heretic without connecting to the saga of the three serpent riders as Herian and Eternal Doom tried to. The only difference is the fact, that I will succeed ;) On the left you can see an ingame screenshot and also a monster demo ;) If you have any questions or suggestions, use my forums.
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