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Stronghold - Online Multiplayer Activity

doom.pngstronghold_activity.jpgYay, first time playing Stronghold on a public Skulltag server and it was a blast ;)

Since the release, the opinions mostly split into two: One side that absolutely didn't like how Stronghold turned out, the other side that absolutely loves it. I have to admit - the gameplay is a question of personal taste and I can understand if some people simply don't like that kind of game style, that's okay. Though, for me it was a lot of fun today playing with several people through the complete mod until the very end, that was really awesome. stronghold_online.jpgFortunately, I didn't have to wait long for enough players to make the game entertaining enough considering the population and amount of servers who provides Stronghold as mod (thanks to the maintainers btw!). So, all I can say is: Join us, play Stronghold online, it's really a lot of fun and a different and new approach to the simple Invasion mode, Skulltag already provides :)

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