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What is this "Cacoward" thing?!

birthday.pngcacoward.pngWhile working on a new project for Doom, the main reason for your motivation isn't to win some kind of award or to get a great and positive response from the community. It's mostly because it's fun developing new ideas, new kind of approaches towards this 17 years old game. When I have started with Stronghold 7 years ago, it was only meant to be a little side project with a new and fun new gamemode, that actually happened even before Skulltag supported its new invasion mode (back than Carn had the idea to combine the idea behind Stronghold and Skulltag's gamemode but unfortunately that didn't happen because they had a different setup). Back in 2003 I didn't even imagine the large scale this project will end up in, with all those maps, all those additions and all those great people involved in this - kinda - community project.

Now after the release, reactions have been mostly divided into two departments, one group that absolutely loved every little bit of it, the other group that simply didn't like the gamemode, the map design, the project itself (which is absolutely okay as it can't be everyone's taste). Though, we as a team of developers behind the curtain have been very pleased with how the project turned out at the end, we all had fun during the development and that's the main priority. The fact that there are several other people who had fun playing it is simply the cherry on the cake.

Today it's Doom's 17th birthday, Cacoward time. That made my day.
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