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Keeping Realm667 alive

tutorials.pngDear visitors,
the Realm667 is nor running for over 10 years, turning it into one of the doom pages that are online and still active for the longest amount of time. Through all this time, I mostly presented my personal work here and therefore paying for this was absolutely no problem.

Now, since about 2 years, the Realm667 has turned from a personal showcase project into a large resource community that provides a huge amount of data to all its visitors. This service needs webspace and this service causes traffic. Just to give you an idea, the page with all its content causes about 80.000 MB to 120.000 MB of traffic each month, with about 6.000.000 hits.

With my basic webhosting pack and the traffic that contineously increases since Realm667 is growing, the overall costs for this page unfortunately increases as well. But instead of closing this place, I want to keep it alive and continue to provide all that stuff that has been collected so far - even though I know that it won't get better with even more resources in the upcoming future, thanks to all the creative minds in our community. Zwinkernd

Though, if you wish to donate, to help out and to support this resource project, feel free to use the PayPal Donation, and already thanks in return a lot for every little donation, it will definitely help to keep this site alive.

Thank you,

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