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Heretic/Hexen Project Progress Report

doomHello Doomers, today I finally finished the introduction map to my new project. So, what is already finished? Here is a little summary for you:

  • Introduction map "Into the Night" is finished (structur, enemies, music, scripts, weapon balance)
  • All Heretic weapons have been converted and work (pickup sprites and ammo also; weapons can be used by 1-7 buttons on keyboard)
  • Almost every single Heretic enemy has been converted (except D'Sparil)
  • 4 of the new enemies are already in the game (just some sounds must be added) and 3 others are finished as sprites on my hd
  • Doom pickups look now like the one in the Heretic/Hexen world (stimpack -> health vial; includes FLOATBOP)
  • Texture WAD is finished (useless stuff has been deleted, entries rearranged)
  • Heretic/Hexen decals have been added to the game (thx goes to Enjay)
  • Heretic style water splashes have been added (thx goes to Corvus)
  • Playerskin Corvus has been recolored (so ZDoom playercolor works) and added
  • Almost every single decoration out of Doom2 has been replaced with a Heretic/Hexen one
  • Standard Doom sounds (Dooropen, Switch, Playersounds, Move, etc.) have been replaced with Heretic/Hexen ones
As you can see, this is a lot of work I have already done and the resources are almost finished (maybe I release them for other mappers to work with after this is done :)). The main thing I concentrate now is mapping and I really like it ;) I like it to see those Heretic/Hexen stuff in an amazing sourceport with all its features as ZDoom is. Some days ago I told you, the wad is going to have about 5 maps but I think, if my motivation doesn't stop immediately, the final wad will have about 10 or more maps, maybe also some deathmatch maps if I get to know how to respawn Heretic weaps within a Doom game. So, that's a lot of info for today and if you want to help me or have any suggestions, enter my forum and let me know!
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