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Happy Birthday, Little Realm 667

miscActually I couldn't believe it but it's really true, Tormentor's Realm 667 is today 3 years old, amazing! And that's why my page gets today a...


Exactly three years ago on a sunny afternoon I registered as a user at geocities.com and started to build a red/white page with the Yahoo Pagebuilder. No graphics were used and little content, just a few links to wads on the Walnut Creek cdrom and of course my X-Mas Deathmatch. Nothing of this stuff (except my X-Mas DM) has proved itself except the promising site titel :). When I sat down on this mentioned evening I would have never imagined what a large popularity and resonance I'm getting now. Same goes to me and my bad work years ago vice versa: The bad graphics, the very bad english (worse than now :) check the archive), etc. So what has changed statistically over the 36 months on my "Doom Realm"!? There have been about 3 complete redesigns, about 12 sections have been added, a lot of graphics have been revised and added and the general quality of the site has increased tenfold (check History) and you no longer can compare the Grandfather "Realm667" with the latest generation of this site. :) This is why I'm looking forward to a promising new year of Tormentor's Realm 667 :)

Let's talk about the important stuff for today (presents for you ;)): As I could read from several feedback mails and forum replies everyone is pissed because I don't reveal any information on my latest project in form of screenshots, story and title :) Because of the site's birthday this is changed for today: I added a new section under my "Maps & Wads" area where you can get a lot of information concerning enemie, weapons, story, levels, screenshots and the title. Everyone who is a bit curious can check this area now and satisfy his curiosity :)

And by the way I have added again my old "Setanon's Destiny" RPG which I accidentally or purposely deleted but I think this isn't all that important for english visitors because it is a german RPG. If you want though more info about it, check the german website :) Same goes to the fact that I have updated my Starwars Episode 4,5 page ;)

Oh, and I have also updated my artworks section in which you can get now a few more high detailed and quality artworks. Check it out immediately because I'm sure it's for everyones desktop pleasure :)

Well, that's all for today with regards to the fact, that this is the largest news update, I have ever done :)
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