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2011 - A Year of Heretic

heretic.pngJust a few hours left,
and we'll find ourselves directly at the start of 2011, another year filled with maps, wads, pk3s and content for Doom - and hopefully this year also for Heretic. We are still working on HPack and our plan is to release this project in 2011, 12 months to go. We have huge amount of useful and high quality textures, monsters and other resources already gathered and the only thing that's missing is maps. In times of GZDoom, Heretic really deserves a project that really stands out of the - little - masses of addones released so far (even though there have been quite nice releases in 2010 already). So, if you are interested in helping out, if you are a great fan of fantasy games (World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls) and have a nice idea for a map and setting, please join and help us, every kind of mapping support is greatly appreciated.

Other than that, I wish you all a good start for 2011, good luck and health and all the little things that keep us Dooming, cheers, and see you all next year!
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