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The thing about "getting it done!"

doom.pngToday I noticed again that working on too many things at the same time is terribly annoying, and it makes me feel more like having to finish something instead of doing it just of fun. My free time has already been reduced a lot because of work, sports and my girlfriend and it's not that I do have 6 - 8 hours per week for Doom as it was in the past. Time to change something, not in terms of my time management but moreover in terms of active projects.

First of all, thanks to Ghastly and Dreadopp, I don't have to look too often in the forums and manage all the submissions that get posted there, but in the future, my aim is to totally retire from this, as I simply do not have the time to work on that as well. Both friends do a great job but I am sure they'd be happy to have at least a third partner to support their work. So if you are interested in sorting, fixing and adding new content to the Realm667 repository, simply check the corresponding thread in the news forum.

So what is left actually?
HPack is still in development
The Shores of ZDoom is still in development
The City of The Damned III is still in development
Three ultra-large-scaled projects that prefer a huge amount of continous work, and even though HPack and TSoZD are team efforts, it's still a long way to go what makes it hard to estimate when they are finished and when another cross can be made to the projects that are done - also considering that I am a person who hates to cancel projects or abandon work that has already been done, which has been the main reason why I finished the Stronghold editing reference last week Zwinkernd

Well, just my 2 cents for today,
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