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doom.pngAfter my time for Doom has been always limited in the past few weeks and considering that it won't get any better in the near future, we decided to place at least one more admin next to Ghastly and Dreadopp (who have been doing most of the work lately) to help them out, maintain the submissions, support and maintain the forums. We had several applications for this position and now results.

First of all, thanks to everyone submitting their application and for their support. After a few hours of discussing, the original team (Ghastly, Dreadopp and me) have made our decision.

There have been quality, reliable and thrustworthy people but as it is always, only one can win - or in this case the 3 persons who fit the open positions best in our eyes.

The mixture of personal strengths, experience and overall impression made us choose Gez, Grymmoire and NeuralStunner. All of them have been proven being great organizational and supporting individuals who will - hopefully :) - do their best to maintain the sheer amount of submissions, moderate the forums and add the content (sometimes even fixing and improving it) to the database.

So good luck to all of them, and thanks already for the co-operation in the future, I am looking forward to this! :)

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