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designToday I want to tell you about 3 different design issues. The first one is about the fact, that I'm working on map03 of "Netherworld", it's placed on a mountainside with a huge cathedral and some old houses, lavafalls all inclusive. I will put up some screenies soon.
The next design thing is about a new wallpaper I've uploaded called "The Cold Heart 4", get it in the artworks section. The last design issue is about my homepage. I'm maybe going to redesign it once again :) Yes I know, this one is only one year old but my skills advanced in the last few months and I think I can create a much better design now. Nevertheless, I will let you know :)

BTW, I have to work on a photo series for "Art" in my school, maybe I will put it up to show my skills as real "art"ist ;)

I have uploaded one more wallpaper about the german "Love Parade" in Berlin and I also found out, that my artworks section grows larger and larger, I think I should also change the preview layout while changing the design ;)
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