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Realm667 in the Course of Time

homepagesAbout one year ago I gave my Realm 667 a brand-new design, not that kiddy but also not that expensive. Now, after these 12 months have passed by, my knowledge and skills about webdesign and else have grown alot and as it is with most of the designers and artists, after a certain time they start to hate their old work. I didn't like the design of my Realm for about 2 months now and that was the reason why I really thought about a new design, a better design, this design. It brings the Realm up to "v4.0" now :) The new design is diversified but still pleasant for our eye, you can see a lot but the page is not overcharged, the perfect mixture for every webdesigner :) The old subtitle "Simply Be Astonished" has also been replaced with a new better one, same goes to the Cyberdemon logo which has been replaced by another one (check "Information" for more info about my new logo).

So I hope you like the new environment and visit my page once in while to check back for more :) In the next days I will have to adjust all the subsites and sections to the new color sheme and graphics and while doing this, I will also change some disadvantageous layouts of some sites (for example the artworks section). Long lives Improvement :)
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