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Netherworld needs Vacation, Time for TNT4?

doomIn germany we have holidays and concerning the weather I can just say "WOW!". It's very hot, the sun burns down every day and the swimmingpool is greatly appreciated. That is also the reason why I can't find new ideas for Netherworld. No new locations, no new tricks and traps, I really can't do anything. That's the reason why I haven't worked on the project for 1 week now. But, surprisingly, while I didn't do anything, new ideas growed in my mind regarding the next TNT episode. I'm going to set this one on floating islands in the sky or in hell like the Unreal ones in Na Pali.
Nevertheless, no matter which project is released first, you will like it, regardless if it's Netherworld or TNT4. The only difference is that for TNT4 it will be much more and hard work to connect in detail and quality to the 3 others. Well, we will see... :)
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