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New SFX to spice up your maps

doom.pngeyecandy_1st.pngAfter two months of development and two weeks of judging, here they are: The official results from the official "Eyecandy All Over 2011" contest (very official Lächelnd). But first of all, thanks to everyone who participated. There weren't that many submissions but at least, we got a shitload of quality stuff that ended up in our repository for everyone else to use and that's what counts in the end. And so, the winners are...
  • 1st place: "Terminator Portal" by Z86
  • 2nd place: "Ash Spawner" by Ghastly
  • 3rd place: "Casing Spawner" by Ghastly
Thanks again for participating and hopefully we will meet again in a few months for the next upcoming contest. Please also check the new poll to have an influence on this one Zwinkernd

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