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Perforated Entrails Renaissance

doomIn the last few days, I found out that I really overextend myself. 3 doom projects at the same time. "3?" you might ask, yes, exactly. After working on Netherworld and announcing TNT4, I finally got over myself and I'm proud to announce you the next chapter of online gaming concerning Skulltag. Perforated Entrails is going to get a new face lifting, also new silicon tits ;)

As far as Perforated Entrails is still not finished and as far as Skulltag will soon feature ZDoom2.0 feature capability, I'm going to start work again on the old maps and the old PMSC (Partial Mega Source Concersion, as I called it years ago :). By now I'm looking for skilled mappers and sprite artists, so if you think you are good, visit my forums and apply for a position :)

BTW, I leave my house for one week on saturday night because of a field excursion in Wien (Austria) so I won't be able to answer mails, posts or other stuff. But I'll be back on the 21. of June so just wait for me :)
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