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Widescreen Editions

doom.pngWhile most of the projects online here at the Realm667 are widescreen-compatible without any problems (especially the recent ones), I noticed already several times, that The Ultimate Torment & Torture ultimately sucks at 16:9 resolutions. It was always a pain for me to see this as I am one of those perfectionists who simply want their projects to look 100% fine without any flaws. Fortunately I did have the time to fix this yesterday and uploaded a new file to the Realm667 as well as the /idgames repository. No need to post a changelog as there have only been changes to the fullscreen graphics and nothing else, but I just wanted to let you know about this. Then, when I actually was at it, I also took a look at several other older projects of mine and noticed that also Austerity and The City of the Damned 2 suffered these problems - in a way that actually looked awful (for example KDiZD looks fine as it has at least black borders at its sides). So, if you have some time left, simply update your mods and play them in 16:9 as they were meant to look.

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