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The Shores of ZDoom

doom.pngtsozd07.pngHey guys,
just to let you know: I am not dead despite the lack of updates here lately but moreover currently concentrating on The Shores of ZDoom as primary project now. We are doing a great amount of progress in the past few weeks and things are coming along nicely which is a good thing. For some more detailed information and screenshots, simply check the announcement thread over at ZDoom, you will find a lot of stuff you might be interested in there.


So what about the rest? HPack is still under development and active, but it definitely needs a few more mappers and a little bit more activity to really lead to something. I unfortunately can't take care of that on my own these days but Ghastly and Gez are the people to contact and to look for in terms of organisation and quality control, so if you are interested in participating, simply ask them. This also goes for the rest of the staff regarding any kind of repository submission.

That's it for today, keep your eyes open on!
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