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miscOk, for today I have 3 main topics prepared for your curiousity pleasure. First at all, I thought about a map like "Metamorphism" (Chris Hansen), a map done by 2 mappers. When I played the wad and when I had the idea, I instantly thought about "ReX" Claussen (Darkest Hour) and me creating a similar map because I think his style is pretty much the same as mine and he also has very good skills concerning ZDoom and else. Nevertheless, last week I was playing a german RPG for the RPGM2K called "Unterwegs in Düsterburg" by Grandy. I have to admit, I was totally astonished by the game and that's why I also was thinking about a new rpg from my own thoughts and ideas. These days I'm working on a nice story and I think it will be finished in the next 2 or 3 weeks so I can begin with the resources on my summer vacation. Oh well, I almost forgot to tell you, that my messageboard is soon again uder heavy construction, so if you are bored because you don't get any stuff @ tormentor667.de, just visit www.sunset-lounge.net and simply be astonished ;) *blabla*
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