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homepagesWe are back! After one week of active development the Realm667 is back online with a complete new design and a complete updated content management system (moving from a buggy and unsecure 1.0.15 to 1.5) and many new features that incorporate an active and interactive new experience.

The main change between the past and the present is the actual reason for being. Realm667 has already turned into a more general Doom site in the past few revisions when the repositories have been added and this change is now in its final stage. The page now presents more general Doom content like Community News and Reviews that are supposed as information areas that visitors can actually contribute to (write news, write reviews!). First of all people might ask, why another general Doom page with these kind of stuff? Don't we already have Doomworld and... ?! ...oh well, here it already starts.

The updates on DRDTeam have always been only few as it was never supposed to be a portal for news, and Doomworld always had a very high standard of news being posted. It only happened in rare cases where releases were announced or mod development has been posted - and that's the big difference here. We try to accept any kind of news and do recent and frequent updates to keep you informed - easy, up to date and directly from the community.

As a conclusion we also added a review center where visitors and members can also post their very own reviews on projects and maps they have played. Sure, there is /newstuff, but it's hard to track and read older reviews and it isn't even possible to sort reviews. The new Realm667 gives you the opportunity to easily browse through the reviews and also a more appropriate way they are handled and displayed - it's simply more fun, even writing them!
     Edit by Ghastly: I'd just like to say real quick, the star rating you can give reviews is for the quality of the review, not the quality of the wad. If there's something about the review you'd like to discuss, you can leave a comment on it.

So far the details on the main changes here. I also took the opportunity to improve many aspects of the page that you will most likely not even notice, things like spam protection, a faster loading speed (less images), a better way to browse through the repositories (table view, classic preview), logging in at the front page and many many more... just play around with the page and discover yourself! Oh and by the way, the board style isn't done yet, so don't ask Wink

Torm and the Realm667 team
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