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Blessed Blood

doomAfter 2 days of extreme newtwork battles (Counterstrike and Unreal Tournament), I started again on Netherworld. While I was thinking about some features and story stuff, I discovered again many problems, I wasn't thinking about before. The first big problem is the fact, that ZDoom has still problems with handling multiple game engine weapons at the same time (Hexen/Heretic weapons + Doom weapons). I hope someone at Zdoom.org will help me with this. medi_preview2.jpg The other problem is still my bad english. Although I have good ideas for my mainplot and story, I can't write it like I would in german because I can't find the fitting words in english. (what a shame!). Well, in the next few days, I will try to fix this 2 problems and I'm also going to add some more detail and stuff to map01 and 02. Finally, map03 is the next step towards finishing the job.Nevertheless, I put up another screenshot for your viewing-pleasure. It's out of map03 ("Blessed Blood"). You can see the large cathedral in all its glory and lava :)
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