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Happy New Year 2004

rpgmakerHello dear visitors, I haven't update this site for about 3 months now, and well, some new and latest info would begreat, wouldn't it? Well, in the last few weeks I was working on my new german RPG and I also got some pictures online for your viewing pleasure :) demo8.gif
Well, they are just some small developer alpha pics but you can see, that I try to put in much more effort as I did in Setanon's Destiny :) (just compare them!) And I think, this time, my RPG will also gain some success in the german maker communites.Nevertheless, as soon as I have enough information to show off, I will add a new section for the game itself on my page. demo6.gif By the way, I also added finally a small neat php counter to my page (check bottom). The visitornumber refers to the statistics from my .de domain at Freecity.de, so it is very possible, that the real number lies beyond 30.000. But, it's just a small statistic for me and now also for you, so thx for visiting my site and being interested in my work :)

Oh, and I also want to say, that I have a lot of Sketchworks and Texts lying around here and as soon as I have enough time, I will scan some of them and upload them for you.Well, and that's all for today :) First news in first day of 2004 ^_^
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