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doomSome of you might have already asked if this area gets ever an update again now that the Realm667 turned more into a community site and is less focused on my personal project. Well, this is what the site news is mostly for. On the one hand I will let you know about the projects that I am currently involved in or leading, on the other hand you will get technical news about the site itself, stuff that might be interesting for you.

So, concerning the Realm667 itself, its running great lately, lots of activity, lots of news, lots of submissions, everything's fine so far. Though I'd be happy to see some more user-submitted content, especially in terms of news and reviews. As of now I mostly have the feeling, that people aren't even aware of these features and how easy they are to use. You only need to be registered (what you should be anyway if you are using the forums). So, if you are interested in reviewing a project of your choice, simply click here or use the appropriate menu link, if you are interested in posting a news about a specific thing, simply click this link or also use the menu link. It's easy and fun as hell, and in most cases we are approving all kinds of news - it's all about the community, eh? Beyond, regarding reviews, you have also the choice to suggest wads or projects to get reviews in our forum. There is a new area especially for these kind of things, just post what you are interested in. More info can be found here.

While we are at projects, let's also focus on the things that are still under development and which I am working on. The Shores of ZDoom is still actively developed, looking brilliant but the amount of progress that is being made in the past couple of months seems to be slowing down a lot. I hope this will change in the upcoming weeks as I am not a friend of a release in 10 years. On the other hand HPack also suffers progress. There are a handful of mappers who do a great job in mapping but unfortunately there are also others who are a bit slower or - let's say - less motivated. The resources are gathered, the finetuning in terms of monsters, weapons and powerups has been made, the only thing that's left to do are the maps - and we still have some slots open. So if you are interested in helping or joining us, let us know, give it a shot, it's worth participating, as it is one of the greatest projects for Heretic ever. Last but not least, for those who already thought it's abandoned: The City of the Damned III is still alive (or undead, whatever you like more), I just don't have enough time lately to concentrate on more than one thing (job is a pain, but money can't be earned with Doom alone), but I still have a lot of ideas, plans and fantastic things in my mind that I want to do at some time, after TSoZD and HPack.

That's it so far from my side, keep the good stuff coming, keep Doom alive and stay tuned!
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