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Yes, he's getting brave

blogwindowimpCuriosity and an open window makes Spiky - that's how I started calling him, and he even reacts on that - loose his fear from room lights and myself as well. But let's start from the beginning. The little imp still visits me every night now, mostly looking through the window and following what I am doing on my night and evening. Last night, I just left my window open. He wasn't brave enough to climb in but he lost a bit of his timidity, that is very obvious. I tried to attract him with cat food again, but he didn't dare entering. But hey, that was fine, eating the catfood outside the room was pleasing for him as well (I consider it to be him, I didn't see any genitals yet but well... there aren't any genitals on Doom Imps ingame either, so who cares).

I start being curious how things are going and if the little one will enter my room some time, or if he even appears at daylight as well. I still have no idea where he s all day long when not sitting near my window.
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