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Moments of Doom

doomMoments of DoomA few weeks ago, I asked for a certain kind of screenshots over at Doomworld, ZDoom, DRDTeam and Skulltag. The project I was talking about there is entitled Moments of Doom, a Screenshot-Book with various shots from the greatest moments, mods and experiences in and with Doom you ever had. We already got a lot of screenshots posted but as you might already expect, it's by far not enough to fill the whole book with. So, if you have some mods in mind, some moments in mind that have always been a blas for you, let us know - take a screenshot (and make sure to read the rules btw) and upload it to one of the threads.

Speaking of the project, I have started with the basic data today, playing around with the title page, toying with screenshots and the layout and it is coming along quite nicely. The shot on the right shows the (unfinished) title... oh and it also shows Spikey. Looks like the whole cat food made it trust me. Since a few days he enters my room, watches me working and seems to be quite curious about the things going on. I still have no idea where he came from, but it's definitely a very young version of an imp... funny thing is that I wanted to have a pet in the last couple of years anyway, so the little imp just came by time.
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